Saturday, April 28, 2012

Staff fun day for work at the Dallas Arboretum

A little over a week ago my employer had a staff fun day at the Dallas Arboretum.  I had never been.  It was a beautiful day to look at beautiful flowers.  I thought of my sister all day as she has such a green thumb.  I truly wish I could paint mine green and it actually work as well as hers does.  I have some luck but certainly not the skilll she has.

Anyway - here's some pictures for your viewing pleasure.  Enjoy!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Our family - semi current photo

As I was looking through photos for my black and white addiction post I ran across a collage that I put together on my iphone of our family.  I like to think of this as "Me & My 3 Guys".  I love them all.  God has blessed me richly indeed!!!  (The photos aren't extremely old but they are not from within the last month either.  I'd say they are anywhere from 3 to 5 months old.)

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Black and White addiction

I admit it - I have an addiction - a black and white addiction.  I LOVE decorating with black and white then throwing in a pop of color ... usually red or burgandy.  My blog layout could be one hint, huh?  If you take a peek at some of my other black and white projects and/or pictures it's quite evident.
I sanded some old cherry wood stools, painted them black then decopauged fabric on top.  A little polyurethane to finish them off and "BAM" new black and white stools!  :-)

I started making jewelry again after a long break (just like from blogging) and of course made a black and white bracelet.  :-)

Black and white ribbon on my Christmas tree - yep!  :-)

This is my bed - :-) 

My place settings at Christmas. :-)

My husband and I - wearing black and white.  :-)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


April (almost May already)!!!  Jeez - Facebook is just toooo easy, huh?

Well...what have we been doing?  In March we went back to our beloved Florida for Spring Break.  Although we didn't go to Destin.  We went to Estero, which is between Ft. Myers and Naples.  It was nice.  We didn't stay right on the beach and we all REALLY missed that.  But the condo and grounds were absolutely beautiful.  We went with some friends and had a good time!  It's been a long time since we've actually vactionned with another family so it was different. 

Below is a view of one of the pools on the property...pretty serene...
Ron and Dylan got the chance to canoe.

Riley had a MAJOR allergy attack that wiped him out for a good day and a half!  (sorry, i could NOT get this picture rotated the right way :-( )
 We saw some alligators and rode some go karts...
Ron and Dylan took in a spring training baseball game between the NY Yankees and Boston Red Sox.

And, of course, we enjoyed the beach!
February was pretty snowy here in Texas!  We had 5 snow days where school (and work for mom) were closed!  I'll have to find those pictues and post a separate snow post when it's nice and HOT here!  :-)  That'll be good, huh?

April has been a "get the house and yard under control" time.  We've been able to donate ALOT of big items that we needed to get rid of.  We've been working HARD on the yard - mostlythe back yard - to get things cleaned up and in shape for future projects.

And since the beginning of the year I've been training for my very first 5K that I completed just this past weekend.  :-)  39 minutes!!!  Yea!
I was a little slower than I would have liked but I have to admit I was not prepared for how hilly mile 2 was.  :-(  I'm contemplating another one at the end of next month so...we'll see...  ;-)

Well...I'm soooo sure there is a lot more I missed but quickly that's some of what's been going on in our happy little home.  More soon (I hope!)

Monday, January 3, 2011

Where the heck...?

Where are The Nadwodnys? 

Oh...we're still here. 

I just have to say... working in payroll and human resouces at the end/beginning of any year is OUT OF CONTROL!  Open Enrollment for insurance as well as wrapping up all the paychecks and decutions then making sure that all the next year stuff is correct...well...CRAZY, BUSY stuff people!  But...seriously - I love my job!!!  Time sure flies though!  :-)

Dylan has wrapped up his 1st marching season with his high school band and I am THRILLED to say that they WON STATE!!!  They are the Texas Class 5A State Champions!  So proud and excited to be a part of the Marcus High School Band.  GREAT JOB Everyone!

The above picture was taken just after the medallion cermoney at the school.  They received their gold UIL medal for the State Championships and the other medal is for placing 1st in the State 5A Bands of America Competition.  It was held the same weekend in October that the UIL competition was.  We went down there to cheer them on.  It was a BLAST!  So memorable.

Dylan also has been doing well in high school.  Still making good grades and making us very proud of his accomplishments!  We are blessed!

Riley is playing the saxophone and doing really well at that.  I think he sounds GREAT and he really seems to enjoy it.  He also is doing good with his studies.  He's holding all A's and a couple of B's in his classes.  He LOVES to play videos in his spare time - what 12 year old guy doesn't.  He's still a reader!  Momma loves that! :-)

The above picture is just one of him practicing - in his room. 

Well, short and sweet gotta run for now.  Hopefully I will post again soon (for my momma!  :-))

Sunday, October 31, 2010

It's a Band thing!

Ooops...missed blogging that whole first month of school.  Sorry. 

Well, we're off and running - or marching should I say.  Dylan is in the Marcus High School Band - and loving it!  They are 2 games away from finishing the regular football season (marching season)  and they are also two competitions away from being done with the marching competition part of their school year too.  They have done SO well!  One show they placed 2nd, two shows they placed 1st.  They have also qualified to go to the state UIL competition.  So exciting!!!  Ron and I will be heading down to San Antonio for a day to watch that competition!  Exciting!  There are several other local high schools that made the state competition too and it's really interesting to see all the performances.  We're wishing everyone good luck!

By the way - Riley is playing saxophone in the middle school band and is sounding REALLY good!  I cannot wait to see his music career unfold!  (These boys make us really proud!)

Well, short and's some pictures, of course!  :-)

Dylan in his "shadow" uniform - his "role" in the show with his brother Riley.
Dylan is 3rd from the right.  (they were capturing their Christmas card entire band photo)

A picture of the entire band at the end of the performance.  (they were trying to capture a shot for their Christmas card)

This is one of the final formations....LOVE when they march in lines toward us and play loudly!  Cool!!!

This is just before they move into formation to begin their show.  (I get a little choked up!  It's quite a show.  ALL of these kiddos should be SOOOOO proud!)

Friday, September 10, 2010

A momentous occasion

We officially have a high shooler (Dylan is in 9th) and a middle schooler (Riley is in 6th)
Oh my goodness!!!

Came and went

Well...August 2010 came and went...

Dylan started high school band camp (plays the trumpet).  Every day for 3 weeks!  Outside in the morning and evening.  Yes, 100 degree weather.  So proud of him for doing this!  It was quite a thrill to see him perform the school song and fight song at the first game with the entire band.  Makes a momma proud.

Dylan also turned 15 last week.  So now the driving instructions begin.  I truly an amazed, daily, that I am about to have a grown up as a child.  It's crazy!  It really seems like just yesterday I was holding my sweet first born son in my arms.

Riley started middle school and will turn 11 in just a few weeks.  That's a shock to my system too.  He really was my baby just a few short years ago.  But he's making a momma proud too.  He is also in band.  Playing the saxophone just like his dad!  :-)

They are both smart, good kids.  They truly are the best of both of us parents and make us so happy!

Ron and I celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary on August 18th.  While it was VERY hard to leave the boys behind (in capable hands - thanks MiMi) Ron and I spent a week in Key West, Florida.  Other than the humidity it was beautiful.  We had the beach to ourselves most mornings and enjoyed beautiful sunrises and sunsets in our oceanfront room.  We had a blast touring Duvall Street and Mallory Square.  The lighthouse was pretty cool.  Hemmingway house was very interesting as was The Little White House.  I really didn't realize there was so much to do there.  I was looking forward to a quiet week on the beach but was excited to actually have so much shopping and dining so close at hand.  We'll try a very laid back beach vacation for our 25th - promise!

Anyway - as the school year kicks off and the year winds down my work life is crazy busy - but it's all good!  We are very blessed to both have jobs and we love our quiet little life.

I'll leave ya'll with pics from our trip as well as our boys on the first day of school!  Enjoy!
A beautiful sunrise in Key West
Key Lime Pie!
Sunset at Mallory Square over Palm Island
1st night...ready to relax!
THE gathering place at sunset
Yummy Seafood!
Lunch view in Key Largo.
Front of The Little White House
Back of The Little White House
On our 20th anniversary in Key West (not loving that my hair was up but the humidity...AYE!!!)
At the beginning of a road!  (the end was on the other side of the street...yeah...we took a picture there too!  :-)
Our resort.  Southernmost on The Beach Key West.
Hemmingway House
We climbed to the top of the Key West Lighthouse.
I AM an island girl!
My relaxed hubby!
A beautiful spot!
Our beautiful ocean front room.
Us at the southernmost point in the continental U.S.!

Only 4 bags packed!  Ready to go!  (surprised myself!!!  we did ship a box home though!)